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Presse Redaktionsverzeichnis

Trade media directory

Our contacts for your news: more than 60 percent of them were accredited in advance. We would be happy to email you a list of all those journalists who have consented to their contact details being circulated to exhibitors.

  Delivery dates Price
Trade media directory September 6, 2018
September 13, 2018
September 27, 2018
October 4, 2018
175 €


Press conference

A press conference is an excellent way to present your news and interesting projects. We have a conference room available for this purpose in the Press Center West, with different capacities and for a maximum of 70 people. A microphone system and a projection screen are standard items included in the hire price. Additional items such as a beamer, flip chart etc., as well as catering, can be ordered via our service partners, for which a separate invoice will be sent. Book your conference room early to avoid disappointment, as we allocate time slots on a first-come, first-served basis.

  Term of lease Bookable up to Rent
Press conference Min. 2 hours
incl. 30 min. each
for set-up and dismantling
October 1, 2018 450 €


Press compartments

The International Trade Fair for Property and Investment is an important meeting point for media representatives from all over the world: Around 1,000 press representatives from 22 countries attended the fair in 2017 and reported on the range of themes covered there.

The exclusive Press Package includes both a press compartment on site and the online press compartment. Additional advantages of the package are for example a comprehensive company presentation, an online picture kit and a detailed press kit. It is simple and effective: just upload all your press material in a ZIP or PDF file, ready for the press to download.

  Deadline Price
Press Package September 28, 2018 125 €

Press events

Press brunches or an event at your exhibition booth, for example, are just some of the ways you can attract media attention.

  Publication Language Price
Press events In the press events calendar
and at the Press Center West
German/​English Free of charge


Audio services

Get your company heard, via the radio reports specially prepared by our journalists. Please send us your topics or company news which you would like to be addressed, so our radio journalists can get started on producing an interesting report ready for broadcast. If needed, we also conduct interviews with representatives from your company. The audio material produced is used by radio journalists in their reporting, and the original audio clips are also available online for download at, for you to integrate into your own website, for example.

Please note: the audio clips are only available in German.

  Editorial deadline Price
Audio services September 10, 2018* Free of charge
*The editors have the final decision on editorial content. We cannot guarantee broadcast.

Your contact

Cecilia La Rosa Soler
Trade media directory, press conference, press events
Tel.+49 89 949-20727
Fax+49 89 949-9720727
Bartek Palka
Audio services
Tel.+49 89 949-20763
Fax+49 89 949-9720763
Mareen Kummer
Press compartment
Tel.+49 89 666166-54
Fax+49 89 666166-55