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Deck chairs

Sit back comfortably and relax – with advertising on the popular deck chairs you will be right on target.

  Rent Production
Deck chairs 13,000 € Upon request


Tasty advertising for all: fresh pretzels, wrapped in a special sponsoring package.

Distribute them to participants in the entrance area at the trade fair, or hand them out to other exhibitors – either way, you are sure to impress and win new contacts.

  Pieces Rent Production
Pretzels 5,000 6,500 € Incl. branding of the paper bags



More business contacts via the direct approach – your mobile promotion team actively addresses trade fair participants and distributes promotional material in the halls and connecting corridors. This strategy is particularly well suited for services requiring explanation.

  Persons per day Rent
on the fairground
1 1,850 €


Your contact

Johannes Schmittner
Media sales
Tel.+49 89 949-20593
Fax+49 89 949-9720593